onsdag 1 april 2009

So cold...

The 15 of March they turned of the heat in the apartments here. The funny thing is that it is warmer outside than inside...

The 29 of March was Ron's birthday, he celebrated his birthday at a Hotpot buffe restaurant. The Hotpot was great and so was the friends that joined his party. After the hotpot we went to play bowling and then to Mcdonalds and then to Karaoke... It was a great day.

Here are some pictures.

3月15日, 他们把房间的暖气关上了。现在外面比里面暖和。。。

3月29日,那天是Ron的生日, 他和一些朋友们一起庆祝他的生日在一家火锅饭店。火锅和朋友们都很好。吃了火锅后,我们去打保龄球,然后去麦当劳吃一点,最后我们就去唱Karaoke...是一个很好的天。


torsdag 19 februari 2009


Well I know it has been a while since me or we have updated the blog, been to lazy I guess :p

News: SNOW in Beijing!
First time I (Ronnie) have seen snow in Beijing。 I took a picture to show it too you guys hehe

我知道好久没写什么是因为我和哥有点懶 :p

第一次我(Ronnie)看到雪在北京。 我拍了一张照片给你们看 呵呵


söndag 18 januari 2009

I won!

I helped a friend to do his homework.
My friend´s homework is to tell a story with pictures. Me and another friend helped by being the actors.



torsdag 15 januari 2009

Christmas Party

Ye ye i know kind of late to put this on the blog so i will not write that much, will post more pictures instead :p One of my classmate had a party on the 24th her apartment is really nice btw :) I didn't get the traditional Christmas food like we have in Sweden but the food there was good too because it was not only Chinese food it was other countries as well that people at the party had made, so nice of them :)

Enjoy the pictures!

我知道知道太晚写这个所以我不写那么多然而放更多图片 :p
二十四号我的同学有一个晚会 (她的公寓非常好看 :)) 我没吃到瑞典的圣诞节菜但这里的菜也不错因为不仅中国菜也有别的菜有的人做自己的国家的菜,真棒 :)


Ice skating

Yesterday me and my brother and some friends went to Ice skating in Xidan. It was so fun, it was a long time since I did any ice skating. My brother can skate really well, he did tricks and stuff, meanwhile, me and my friends could hardly stand on the ice... but after an hour we could all skate pretty well.

昨天我,弟弟和朋友们一起去西单滑冰了。 我们玩儿的很开心,可是我很久没有滑冰。弟弟很会滑冰,但是我和朋友们差不多不会。过了一个小时我和朋友们都会滑冰了。

My brother is helping a girl to skate.

I am also helping a girl to skate.

New Year's Eve

31/12 we went to Sanlitun to have some dinner with some friends. After the dinner we went to a lounge called "Domus". Domus is a very nice place and the environment is really elegant and beautiful. Then after Domus we went to Karaoke, and then me and my brother went to Mcdonalds to have something to eat before going home. What a New Year's Eve...

12月31日, 我,弟弟和朋友们一起去三里屯吃晚饭,然后我们去一个地方叫“Domus". Domus是一家酒吧,Domus的环境很漂亮而优雅。以后我们去Karaoke, 回家之前我和弟弟一起去麦当劳。很有意思。。。

Christmas Day 25/12

On the 25 of December, me and my brother went to the Catholic Church in Xuanwumen. The Church in Xuanwumen is the first Catholic Church in Beijing. From the outside the Church doesn't look big, but once you get inside then you can see how big the Church really is.

12月25日,我和弟弟一起去宣武门的天主教了。 宣武门的天主教是北京第一个天主教。 从外边看教堂,就觉得教堂比较小的,可是如果在里边看,就能看出教堂是很大的。